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Welcome to my 89 Honda Accord home page. This is a website dedicated to my 89 Accord. For 9 years I put my life into this car. I was lucky to get the car when I was just 15 years old. I purchased it in June of 1995 for $10K. What a day that was. From then on I couldnít wait to modify it. Over the years to come I got wheels, tint, lowered it, got a spoiler, fog lights, and a major sound system, along with a bunch of other things. Nine years later I did all of that. It was a one of itís kind. The only one around that looked anything like it. I took much pride in owning that car. I def had one of the most tricked out cars around.

The most frustrating thing during the time I owned that Accord was the poor aftermarket support. It was horrible trying to find modifications for it. At first only a few companies had products available for it. But in time companies offered products for it. Still was poor selection though. If companies realized how many people have these 3rd Gen Accords, theyíd offer more products. There is a message board dedicated to these cars that has over 7,000 members. That is , so check it out sometime.

I've always felt that people have underestimated the 3rd generation Accords, even to this day. Due to the huge popularity of newer models, aftermarket companies donít offer much for our older 3rd Gen Accords. When you see the 86-89 Accords around town, most are in very bad shape, or just worn out. Once in a while youíll see on in great shape, but thatís rare. The majority of people buy newer cars, and I can understand that being I just bought one. The 3rd Generation Accord is a perfect car to modify. I still think its one of the best Honda Accord body styles ever. You can make them look awesome, go fast, and handle well. After seeing my 89 Accord you will realize that itís a great car to modify.

In December of 2003, I parted with my Honda Accord and sold it to a kid in Port Townsend. I sold it with pretty much every modification done to it. It was hard saying goodbye, being I put my heart into it and a ton of money, but it was time to move on. Having two cars though for the few years was fun.

I have a links page to other car sites, personal car sites and companies, so check that out. You will also see pictures of other performance rides. I want to say thanks for all of those who have visited this page. The comments and compliments that Iíve received for my Accord and my TL have just been amazing over the years. Between comments in person, on other message boards, my guestbook and e-mails I receive has made it all feel very worthwhile. So browse the page and sign my guestbook. Thanks for stopping by.

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